Master M.R.L Rao

Early life

Sri Mallampalli Rajalakshmana Rao (1946 – 2018) was born to Dr. M. Pratapa Rao, M.B.B.S and Smt. M. Adilakshmi in Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh in the year 1946. His mother was his first guru in Traditional Jyotisa (Indian Astrology) and he imbibed the basics at a very young age. He later continued the study of Astrology under his grandfather Sri Bheemalinga Swamy and Sri Nistala Sitarama Sastry. He was also gifted with a sharp intellect and passed the Oriental Title examination in Sanskrit at 13 years old. 

He later joined the Electrical Engineering course at the Govt. Engineering College in Anantapur. He found his calling in life on meeting his Guru Sri. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K) when he was 25 years old. Gifted with a prodigious memory, he studied a wide range of subjects under Master E.K’s tutelage including Vedic symbolism, rituals, Nirayana and Sayana systems of Astrology, Homoeopathy, Yoga, Mantrasāstra, Alternative Healing therapies, Spiritual Symbolism and Synthesis and other occult sciences.

He gradually imbibed the divine light of teachings of the Sanātana Dharma and this coupled with intense sādhana or spiritual practice and grace of the Guru eventually led to him being established in the state of the Paramahamsa spoken of in the scriptures. He often spoke reverentially about Master E.K and he would often say “I will still not be able to pay back the debt of gratitude I owe to my Guru even if I strip off the skin on my body and stitch chappals with it for him”. His devotion and submission to his Guru was absolute and he lived his entire life following in the footsteps of the Master. Every act he performed in life was for the next 40 years was performed in a spirit of submission to the Master and he basked in the Master’s living presence. His life is a splendid example of the Lord’s instruction in the Bhagavad Gita to submit everything unto him.

tam eva śharaṇaṁ gachchha sarva-bhāvena bhārata
tat-prasādāt parāṁ śhāntiṁ sthānaṁ prāpsyasi śhāśhvatam

“Surrender exclusively unto him with your whole being. By his grace, you will attain perfect peace and the eternal abode.”

Spiritual accomplishments

As the light of consciousness started filling his very being, people began to be attracted to his magnetic personality and it soon became apparent that just being in his presence would lead people to experience the “no-mind” state of blissful awareness. This was especially true during the latter part of his life. He was a Yogi and a Siddha (perfected one) of the highest order. There were many occurences of him helping people located hundreds and even thousands of miles from his residence. He was a prodigious healer and mystic and through the years, thousands of people with various ailments were cured by him. 

He would always downplay any reports of miraculous events that occured in his presence and always attributed them to his Master and to the Divine Mother. Due to his sādhana, he had attained the highest state of “Sāyujya” or being one with the Divine Mother at all times and instances of people hearing the jingling sound of anklets in his house even when there were no women around were considered a normal occurrence in his presence. 

Mastergāru was a medium of Master CVV, the great Aquarian Master from Kumbakonam and initiated many people into Master CVV’s yoga – “Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga”. He also initiated many people into mantras through the years depending on their need and he was one of the rare Sadhguru’s capable of granting the “mahāvēdha dīksha” where the Master enters the energy body of the prepared disciple thereby instantly propelling the disciple into the state of samādhi. He always kept the dīksha process simple with no complicated rituals. He often said that the greatest Gurudakshina a disciple could give to his Guru was to spread the teachings of the Guru to others so more people are benefited by them. He would often say with the greatest humility, “I have no disciples, we are all the disciples of Master E.K, he is the great light we follow.” 

Established Swami’s, monks and other senior sadhakas and yogis who were already well advanced in their spiritual pursuits would approach him when they ran into obstacles in their sādhana. He would occultly “set things right” in his own way and send them away. They would often sing his praises and inform the rest of the group about his colossal stature in the field of sādhana and his siddhi. When this was reported to him, he would just smile it all away and continue watching television in his typically nonchalant manner.

Storehouse of knowledge

The depth of knowledge he possessed on the subject of Astrology was simply astonishing and he often demonstrated this mastery by the use of a variety of predictive systems from around the world – traditional Jyotisa, Prasna Sastra, I-Ching, Ramala, Sakunasāstra, Palmistry, Angasāmudrikasāstra, Tarot etc. His predictions were much sought after on Sunday’s when he would make himself available to the general public who often approached him for advice. 

The speed at which he would read, analyze and interpret a horoscope was a sight to behold. He would have all the planetary positions and combinations memorised in seconds after looking at a person’s chart. He prescribed Mani (gemstone), Mantra or Aushada (medicine) depending on the person’s need and there are innumerable cases of people finding solutions to their problems after their consultations with him. Astrological advice was always freely given and his house always teeming with people when consultations were in progress.

He often said “Do not trust those who make predictions looking up at the sky (i.e based on intuition alone). Correct and dependable predictions are only made when the intuition corroborates what is visible in the horoscope”. He always avoided foretelling bad or unfortunate events in a person’s future and would offer a solution instead. He always encouraged positivity in thought and action and often reminded his students and well wishers that negative thinking and speech often lead to negative consequences due to the accumulation of negative thought-forms.

His depth in other areas of occult wisdom was similary astounding and he was a treasure house of knowledge in Mantrasāstra and Tantrasāstra. His enormous siddhi was clearly visible to those who could “see” but the gullible were often mislead due to his humility and easy access. He was always available to those who called upon him, there were no “appointments” to see him and everyone was always greeted with a smile full of grace. There was never any attempt at showmanship and people knew that if they needed him in a moment of crisis, he would be there for them.


He was a master of ritual and this was particularly true during the annual Navarātri worship of the Divine Mother. There was a plan to be followed, everything had a place and everyone had their duties. The crowds would start coming in early in the morning and the intensity of the energy in the yāgasāla (sacrificial area) would palpably increase as soon as he entered it. Hundreds of Chandi and other homās have been conducted in his presence over the years and thousands of people have been benefited. Barren couples begot children, job seekers found jobs, dull students passed exams, major accidents were averted and people escaped with minor scrapes, the sick got healed and many more. He was a sight to behold during Navarātri and people who have seen him will attest to the auric glow, power and grace he exuded during those nine days.

He often said the Divine Mother knew how to take care of her children very well and that “we should not suggest better things to God. She knows what and when to give us”. Even so, he did his magic in his own unassuming manner for the impatient and for the suffering. One kind word of re-assurance from him often caused people to forget all about their hardships and they often instantly experienced peace, more than what all the doctors and drugs in the world could have done for them at that point.


He was a prime example of the saying, “Service to man is service to God” and through the socio-spiritual organisation he established – MIHIRA, constantly conducted and oversaw various charitable programs such as free medical aid, food donation drives and prosthetics distributions to the handicapped. These programs are still continuing with his grace and the efforts of his students and followers.


He was an institution unto himself and an encyclopedia of occult wisdom. He taught everyone who asked for instruction or guidance without seeking anything in return. His classes on Astrology, Bhāgavata Purāna, Bhagavad Gīta, The Secret Doctrine of Madam Blavatsky, meditation, numerology, Medical Astrology, Spiritual Astrology, mantrasāstra etc. were always enlightening. He was a natural teacher and public speaker and his charming manner and witty delivery won hearts and minds. He could easily hold the audience’s attention even when explaining abstruse topics such as Vedic or Puranic symbolism. There are hundreds of people around the world who owe their knowledge of Astrology to him. All his classes were always free and he would teach only when asked to. He would often say, “I am ready to teach even if there is only one person interested in learning”. 

He could lecture for hours on extremely esoteric topics such as Spiritual Astrology and Vedic symbolism and he often had to limit the knowledge he gave out as the audience would blank out if the teachings were too deep. He kept the level of his teachings at a level where a general audience would be able to grasp and make use of them. He began publishing the bilingual magazine Mihira in the year 1997 to spread the teachings of Sanātana Dharma and the ancient Rishis to a generation of Indians who had forgotten their Vedic roots.


He taught the art of living a responsible, relaxed life in accordance with the values of the Sanātana Dharma. He discouraged taking up sanyāsa and running away into the moutains and forests to perform sādhana. He said it was not the path of Master C.V.V who said, “The repair to the vehicle should be carried out while it is in operation”.

He will always be remembered for the unconditional love and grace that flowed from him irrespective of the person that approached him. He was a multi-faceted being and everyone who knew him knows but a small part of the whole.