May Call Day – Prayer & Speech by Master M.R.L Rao

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About Master C.V.V

Master C. V. V. - Wikipedia

Master C.V.V was born in a family of Niyogi Brahmins on 4th August 1868 in Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. He was named “Canchupati Venkata Rao Venkaswamy Rao” by his parents. His father was Kuppuswamy and mother was Kamalamma. They were migrants originally from Andhra who had settled in Tamil Nadu. He lived a normal householder’s life up until his 38th year. He was married twice due to the death of his first wife. He rose to prominence from his 38th year onwards and found that people would be often attracted into his presence. He soon became a guide and leader to many and already had mastery over certain occult processes. He had the ability to raise others into higher states of
consciousness and would often send his wife Venkamma into a trance where she would merge successively into the subjective states of planetary, solar and cosmic consciousness which is the source of the objective world.

In 1910, the Halley’s comet visited Earth. On the same night, neighbors reported seeing a bolt of lightning hit Master C.V.V’s house and rushed to investigate. They found him in deep meditation exuding a magnetic presence which caused them to also experience a meditative state. From then onwards, his ability to affect his surroundings increased significantly and people would experience immediate bliss in his presence. The Master started a campaign to train a select group of people to be transmitters of spiritual light and consciousness to the world.

The date was May 29th 1920. The initials of his name – “C.V.V” were given to them as the mantra with which they could invoke the presence of the Master. The Master’s energies would then flow into the medium repairing and rectifying his physical, astral and etheric bodies. They were asked to invoke these syllables at 6 AM and 6 PM everyday. Since that day, his disciples celebrate May 29th every year as the “May Call Day”. He taught that the practice of Yoga is compatible with family life and that it does not require one to stay unmarried. “Repair the vehicle during the night and live in it during the day” was one of his favorite sayings. It means that one must rectify faults with the physical body, mind and senses while actively fulfilling one’s duties to his family and nation.

The Master performed innumerable miracles in his lifetime including curing incurable diseases and raising people from the dead. These are well documented but he did not attach much importance to them and they were not his main teachings. Instead, he taught that there exists a process by which one can neutralise karma. He called his path of Yoga, “Brukta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga”. This is not a new Yoga but only teaches the royal path of Raja Yoga adapted to this day and age. He taught that surrender and service are the two sure methods of neutralizing one’s Karma. The state of Moksha is to be attained while still living and not after death. Perfection was his promise to those who followed him.